31 Days of Horror 3 - The October Movie Marathon 2nd October Red Sands

Red Sands

It seems that this film has a very big divide when I comes to liking or disliking Red Sands.

Something was bugging me about one of the characters: “Could they not afford Matt Damon?” Brendan Miller very good bootleg for Matt Damon I spent the whole film thinking it was him.


Getting past that I liked the character introductions and how fast, energetic and in your face it was. It wanted you to know what made these characters the way they were without going into miles of detail. Sadly it does slow down shortly afterwards and heads to the “this could be a plot device but we are going to be vague about it” direction.


The story of Red Sands could have been so much more than it was and it could have been an good film but it is let down by bad visual effects that they were hoping to aid the story telling.


I enjoyed Red Sands for what it was but I’d much rather watch Evil Dead (Yes the original of course). I Give Red Sands 6/10