Song of The Day - Wednesday - Half Way Through!

Good Morning All!
It was pandemonium at the train station last night and Cannon Street was full of people. The train before mine was cancelled so I had to get their before my train was announced so that I didn't have to stand surrounded by armpits all the way home. Thankfully my mother in law to be and I got in the platform line pretty quickly and snagged a double seat together. The southeastern rail lines have epic failed over the past few weeks, who builds a train track on a f**king cliff?!!

Last night we had chicken vegetable pasta for dinner that I had made from scratch, it has a lovely sock source to go with it. We have been watching the second series of Brooklyn Nine Nine, it's definitely as good as the first series. I am really enjoying how the characters interact with each other. 

We also watched Groundhog Day since I got it for Christmas and I have really been wanting to watch it, you can't go wrong with Bill Murray. 

Cloud Zombie's Film Cupboard is out today around the lunchtime period so keep an eye out for that, I have the evening to myself tonight so I will hopefully get some articles written if I don't get distracted by my computer games.
Thank you for reading my blog. 
I hope you have a lovely Wednesday! 
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