Song of The Day - Tuesday - Why Isn't It Friday Yet?!

Good Morning All!!
We start a new day that is not as damp as the previous one. The news still stings about David Bowie but we have moved to celebrating his life in our own ways. 

I was running rather late this morning to get to the train station on time, I hate being late I really do and I tend to get a little anxiety over it. I just find it hard to wake up in the morning and my partner does not help, I am very light sleeper so most of the time the slightest sound and I am awake. Blake on the other hand could sleep through a nuclear blast and would have woken up in time to realise he was dead. He never seems to hear the alarm go off the first time and I have as an experiment before held the alarm by his face and all he did was roll over, he wonders why I get annoyed.

My train was delayed in the middle of nowhere last night due to a passenger being taken ill 3 trains ahead of mine. Needless to say I didn't get home till 8 last night and I was so hungry I was ready to bite someone by the time I got in and cooked dinner. The joys of commuting! 
Thank you all for reading my blog.
I hope you have a fantastic Tuesday! 
Song of The Day: