Song of The Day - Monday - And We're Back in The Train Again

Morning All!
I am going into work despite the fact that I am feeling horrendously under the weather, I had a Migraine all day yesterday and it is still sitting behind my right eye waiting to pounce. Today will probably turn into a hell day if it is let loose. Wish me luck! 

This weekend consisted of doing sod all ontop of sod all. On the bright side I did lose a pound of weight even though I sat on my arse and ate crap all weekend because I wasn't feeling well and didn't want to do anything. I do need to work out how to connect my fitness pal to map my walk, which to me looks like it is made by the same people and says it connected even though it's not talking to each other. Any advice?

I am kind of pissed off with the Sims 3 at the moment because it will not let me run all of the expansions at the same time like it's supposed to. My saved games won't run if I unselect some expansions and the game won't work at all if I select all of them. Again any advice? I got annoyed in the end and ended up playing City Skylines. 

Wish me luck today, I hope you all have an excellent Monday and that it doesn't get you down. Thank you for reading my blog. 
Song of The Day: