Song of The Day - Monday - Letting It Out

Hello All!
It's Monday...
Today doesn't seem to be the one for me today, I think I'm feeling a little emotionally fragile. I've cried already today and we haven't even made it to midday yet. There's the usual low self esteem stuff with a pinch of dashed hope and sprinkle of a sick old family pet.
Despite all this the the earth still turns and I still have stuff to do before the day is out. As it seems to have been a daily routine, job search and work on applying for them if I have found any. Today I have the goal of cleaning and organising the house ready for our bathroom radiator to be replaced. I know this is a good thing in the long run because we will have a radiator that doesn't leak so badly that we have to keep a bowl under it, as well as to have to keep topping up the boiler so we can have heating and hot water. 
I got another rejection email for an application this morning, it happens but when you feel that you could do the job well it's a bit of a kick to the self esteem. I understand that there are many people out there looking for jobs and some are probably way better than I am but I would very much like to be given a chance to prove myself. Lets see if today's applications will be the lucky ones.
Fast Forward to Lunchtime:
Having managed to pull myself together by writing this down as well as working on jobs in between my job hunting I am ready to get fully stuck in. A little bit of blue sky and sunshine has come out so that has helped a little as well. Sorry for the dull blog once again, I just wanted to vent so I could get on with what's important. 
Thank you for reading if you have, hopefully it will be a better blog next time. 
Have a lovely Monday!

Song of The Day: