Song of The Day - Friday - Just Keep Swimming!

Happy Friday to you all!
Feeling a little energised today despite not actually having a job yet. Yes I know, it sucks a lot. But fear not, I am on a job applying blitz today or so it seems.
It has been a bit of while since I last blogged, life has been moving on in a way and I haven't really had a lot to say about it....
The words have escaped me recently. 
Now I'm back to share a little bit of what has been going on in my life.
Over the last few weeks or so things have been a little up and down. I had an interview which I worked so hard on that I should have had 'The Eye of The Tiger' playing in the background. The odds weren't in my favour on the day of the interview because it wasn't to be. Positively it was probably the best interview I've ever had and I feel I will have to keep studying hard on interview techniques for the future.
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"Even Rocky had a montage!"
Following on from that our PC die the death and had to go to the electronics hospital to see if it could be revived. 
And that would be a no, the hard drive decided it didn't want to work any longer and we had to get that replaced. 
More money than I wanted to spend later we have a working PC again. I know what you are thinking and yes we do want to buy a newer, more up to date PC but currently that is way more expensive than replacing the hard drive on a 7 year old PC. Once I have a job that will probably change after we complete the other long list of things that we will be doing to the house.
Finally our third and final annoyance...
The radiator in the bathroom has decided to rust and begin leaking.
For the most part it's fine, we can put a bucket under it and honestly the leak isn't that bad. The main problem is that the leak keeps dropping the pressure in the system causing the heating and hot water to stop working. So now every day I have to keep top up the pressure in the boiler until our plumber comes to replace the radiator in the bathroom. 
Which is at the beginning of March. 
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Honestly though I am thankful for what I have and know these are first world problems. I have a very supportive family that have been nothing but superstars, they really are awesome for helping us. 
Fingers crossed that a potential employer will like who I am and my skills and give a chance to show what I can do. For now I will have some lunch and continue to work through my job saves.
Thank you for reading!
I hope you all have a glorious Friday and awesome weekend!!

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