Song of The Day - Wednesday - Projects, Reality TV, Hot Chocolate and Audiobooks!

Happy Wednesday!!
We have hit the half way mark in the week!
Blake and I have been out of the door earlier the last few days. He's had training courses for work to go to and a train to catch that comes before my own. He's been a pretty active and social boy this week as well so it's been a light week on the quiet evenings so far. Yesterday he was recording something for YouTube for the E14 channel and last night he was recording for the E14 podcasts. Getting up a little earlier hasn't been too much of a strange but I know the later nights are probably going to make him super sleepy by the end of this week. His Saturday is looking pretty packed full of stuff as well.
So far this week I have been catching up on my gaming, taking game screenshots for my article and working on craft projects. I have certainly been keeping myself just as busy this week. I've just had the advantage of doing all this at home with added hot chocolate, trashy reality TV and trying to stop my cats treading in fresh paint while I'm painting. The show was Police Interceptors for those that are interested and yes I know I have a whole room for doing art and craft in, I'm working on it.

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And Segway.....
This is my new blog series:
In this series I have basically given myself an excuse to clean, clear and improve my home. My starting room for this series is my craft room. 
This week I have mainly been into listening to audiobooks.
'Into the Drowning Deep' by Mira Grant
'Eve of Man' by Giovanna and Tom Fletcher
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Thank you for reading my blog!
I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

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