Mess to Marvel: An Introduction

Welcome to my new blog series Mess to Marvel.
In this blog series I will be slowly rejuvenating my long suffering home into something so much more than it is currently today.
It is sadly not a blog series based on Marvel comics/heroes, I will probably will eventually get to that because I am me and this is my blog.
I will be working through the whole house in no particular order, some rooms are going to be harder than others and yes there will probably be many tears (have already been many).
I will have to admit I am a little bit of a hoarder but not in the extreme sense of the word. I have built up a lot of stuff over the years, stuff that I do not/have not used for a long while and I really need to make a change.
This series is inspired by YouTube Channels by Evan & Kate , Hermione Chantal (her DIY-ary series +  Sort Your Lift Out series) and ThreadBanger .
Please let me know in the comments below if you have any ideas I can use for my home.