Song of The Day - Monday - Back to Work, Flue Season and Looking to The Future!

A Very Happy New Year To You All!!
Happy 2019 and Happy Monday!
I'm back to work after about a week off for Blake's Birthday and such, it was lovely despite getting a fluey cough thing that is still here. Hopefully it won't be here long enough to start it's own segment on my blog or anything like that. Despite all that and my train being late this morning due to a number of reasons, including some idiot throwing fireworks out of a train window near Lewisham I am feeling oddly optimistic.
As you can see above I have a new diary for 2019, I am a little behind with writing in it but I did spend a little while last night sticking washi tape in it because I thought it would encourage me to start. I need to go through my Filofax today also and take out the old pages and tidy it up a little. I'm trying to be a little more proactive this year, I've already emailed a potential employer about an application form this morning. I won't get a new job if I don't actually apply for any. The point of this is to get out of my current place of employment because I am very unhappy there and it is making me ill, it's time for a change and nearly eight years is more than a enough time for anyone.
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 I will be spending most the day (when I am not busy or working) sorting through emails, applying for jobs and getting the blog back to a better standard. There will be another post about my blog view for the new year coming soon so watch this space.
Happy New Year All!
Thank you for reading my blog!
I hope you all have a lovely Monday wherever you are!

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