Song of The Day - Friday - Pending Birthday Parties, Signal Failures, Rants and Laments!

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Happy Friday!
I'm back again to chat about everything and nothing.
This week has been a pretty slow week, I've been a bit low on energy and have just been feeling unrested when I wake up in the morning. Now we are finally hitting the end of the week I am more than happy to see it end.
A big shout out...
Yesterday it my Niece, Rey's 2nd birthday.
Both Blake and I can't wait to see her on the weekend!
Rey is growing into an amazing person and I can't wait to see what she does next.
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Little rant...
The train delays have been a drain on me this week and this morning my Cannon Street train got diverted to London Victoria because of more signal failures and other fun details. There's nothing like a ride of the tube to make you want to not work in London.
Rant over...sorry
Not really a rant but more of a lament.
I think I have been letting politics and train delays build up and get to me this week. I'm pretty fed up with Brexit and all that is involved with it. Either way, whatever happens I want it to be over so we can find what even will be the new normality again.
 I dislike the way it has caused so much trouble for the country and how it has divided the country in a way that we might not be able to come back from. It causes more arguments than normal politics does and I dislike how people are at each other's throats. 
Whatever you voted I'm sure there is at least someone who feels the same way I do.
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As for the weekend I tend to see my mum since she has been quite unwell and a visit is over due. A little bit of shopping to get a few bits but nothing terribly adventurous. And finally a birthday party to go to for my niece's 2nd birthday. In between I hope to do some house tidy since we have a plumber coming to take a look at the boiler...again. Hopefully we shall sort it out finally and stop throwing money at the damn thing.
Thank you for reading my blog!
I hope you all have an awesome Friday and a great weekend!

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