Song of The Day - Monday - Feeling The Christmas Buzz!

Happy Monday All!
Another Monday, another working week.
The last full working week of 2018, next week is going to be all over the place for me. It's probably going to get pretty busy/busier at work due to the end of the year and all that jazz. I really love the end of year buzz at work though, everyone is excited for Christmas and the new year.
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This weekend has been a bit of a quiet one due to Blake being pretty unwell. It's been mostly watching Christmas themed films, TV show episodes and YouTube videos. We have really been enjoying Game Grumps 'Nightmare Before Christmas' gaming series. They are hilarious and very entertaining, I recommend you give them a watch.
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Sunday evening I went out with my mum, nan, uncle and sister for dinner at a local pub restaurant. Sadly I had to leave Blake behind since the poor guy still wasn't feeling great. I left him to get on with his movie night. It was a lovely evening, I got to see my uncle which was nice. I hadn't seen him in a while because he lives in a different country currently and that was the only time I was seeing him. I had some sort of chicken burger and chips for dinner, it wasn't too bad but I've had better else ware. I love a bit of a traditional dessert so I got an apple crumble and custard.
I couldn't sleep until late last night because I had a small Cola with my dinner and my body hates me. I cannot handle the slightest bit of caffeine it seems. I decided I would get the work closes ready to the morning and watch a few more Sims 4 let's play videos.
Fast forwards to this morning...
Blake is still ill but was determined to go to work due to having last week off.  He was still pretty bad this morning and taking his time getting ready, since he didn't have to be at work until 9am I told him I would walk down without him so he could get ready in his own time. Hopefully he will be ok today.
Thank you for reading my blog!
I hope you all have a lovely Monday!
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