Song of The Day - Monday - Dormammu On Top of The Tree!

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Happy Monday!
Yes this is quite late in the day, this is due to not being at work today and also having things to do this morning. We had the boiler maintenance man over today and this morning we was doing last minute cleaning. The guy has to walk through our bedroom to get to the small back room where the boiler lives in the airing cupboard. That's terraced houses for you. 
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Today we've also had a shopping delivery and have put the tree up.
This years tree topper is one of Blake Hero Clix in the form of Dormammu. I think he's looking pretty smug up there on the top of the tree. 
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Jiji has also started her tradition on trying to eat the Christmas tree during the few weeks it's up in December. This is why we have a fake tree because the silly bint would poison herself on a real one, cats are strange.
I have things to be getting on with so I will leave this here until tomorrow. Thank you for reading my blog!
I hope you all have a lovely Monday! 
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