Song of The Day - Monday - Christmas Eve 2018

Happy Monday and a very Happy Christmas Eve to you all!
I was up extra early for an earlier work time today, catching a 7:41 train was not my idea of fun on Christmas Eve but there were plenty of seats so that was fine. We are supposed to be getting half day at work today, that usually depends on weather our underwriters leave on time of course. And of course if they don't I shall start drop kicking them out of the doors.
My morning in the main office was productive with a large sum of documents uploaded to the archive. I'm at my other office now though and I do not have high hopes of my underwriters showing up. No body has turned up yet and it's been just over an hour. It's one of those days that make you wonder why you have to be here. Anyway I shouldn't whinge about working since Nurses, Doctors, Carers, Emergency services, Police, Firemen and all in between work during theses days. They are amazing people that deserve the time off because they work so hard and looks after all of us.
Thank You Lettering with Curls Free Vector
As for 'The Great Drone Scare of 2018' or 'Maybe It Was A UFO, We Aren't Sure Now'. We are feeling a switching emotion of down right annoyance and embarrassment from the situation. My Uncle was able to fly home for Christmas because he couldn't rebook his flight for the right time. Fortunately he has family and so is spending it with the family. Hopefully if this happens again we might actually be able to deal with it like rational people.
--Thank you for reading my blog!
I hope you all have a lovely Monday, A Wonderful Christmas and I will see you on the 27th.

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