Song of The Day - Monday - Long Time No Blog!

Happy Monday!
Hello there!
It's been a while!
Life has been busy and I was kind of burning the candle at both ends a little, something had to give so I haven't blogged for a while. I hadn't planned to not blog, it just happened. I didn't manage to do the whole of Inktober, I think I did pretty well for my first try though. I had just lumped that in with my NaNo Prep and just got bogged down with that, my mental health hasn't been brilliant lately either and I just needed to concentrate on one thing. 
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I took Halloween off work so I could decorate the front of the house and do Halloweeny things. This is how it all turned out, it's always fun to see the response it gets from the kids that come to Tick or Treat.
Necklace by Toxic Heart Designs
Tick or Treat?
I received a gift from one of the children's parents for putting time and effort into my Halloween display in the form of a origami bat. It's my writing mascot at the moment, it's sitting on my computer desk.
When November started so did NaNoWriMo!
For those who haven't seen me constantly going on about this, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. NaNoWriMo is set during the month of November and during that month it is a challenge to write a small novel (or the start of something bigger) of 50,000 words. 
Come November 1st you start with a blank page and just go for it, the NaNoWriMo Site had a nifty little tracker that helps you keep track of your word count. The organisers send you words of encouragement and little badges to make you want to keep on writing. 

Last Monday I went to see Bohemian Rhapsody, it was a much needed cinema visit. I recommend that you go see this movie, it's very interesting and made me want to sing along with it.
The girls are going fine.
Leia has taken up residence on the 'soft' her favourite blanket above the radiator. Jiji is doing her best circle impression on the big cushion by the back door. They are both happy to have the radiators on now.
Finally thank you all for visiting and reading my blog!
I will try to blog at least once a week while NaNoWriMo is going on. I am also training someone new at work and it's leaving me very little time mentally to chill and write. Come lunchtime I just want to listen to something and eat. Hopefully this week will be easier.
I hope you all have a marvellous Monday!

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