Song of The Day - Thursday - Honey and Lemon, Paper Mache, Pumpkin Picking, Preptober and Inktober!

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Happy Friday!
Another week with only a few daily blogs, sorry about that. This week has been so up and down for me it's been unreal. I'm hoping it's just a transition phase of the season and weather that's playing with my mind. I've also been battling the germs the past week and my energy is summer low. My throat is super sore so I've started on the hot water, honey and lemon with a little bit on decongestant for my ears. I will beat this thing!
In the coming weeks I plan to start paper Mache for Halloween projects, I have a few costumes to make and some things to make for household decoration. I hope I've left myself with enough time to get all this done. Halloween is one of those times of year that I enjoy immensely because it's just so much fun. Blake and I are hoping to go pumpkin picking this year for the first time, it's near were I used to live in my early years and where I went to school. It will be nice to go back to the village (was a village but it's on it's way to becoming a small town) for nicer activities, I went there a few months ago now for my Grandad's wake. I don't visit this part of the peninsular very often at all, not since I lived in Allhallows and Chattenden. One of which you have to drive past Hoo village to get to. If you are local to this address why not try pumpkin picking to celebrate the season.
12 days into NaNo Prep - Preptober
My notebook has become huge and filled with many tabs, notes and gibberish that only makes sense to me. We were warned about starting prep so early but as always we never listen. I am indeed impatient for November to arrive, because of this I have started a spin off series based on a secondary character that is very important to my main character. I don't feel I am wasting my time because their story does need to be told at some point so there's no time like the present!
I am still working through Inktober, I am a little behind AGAIN but I will either catch up today or over the weekend. I've been pretty tired over the past week and haven't been in the mood to finish my drawings.
Thank you all for reading my blog!
I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and an awesome weekend!

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