Song of The Day - Thursday - Late Nights, Ghost Stories and NaNo Prep!

Happy Thursday!
What a long week!
Another late night last night and I really wanted to stay in my nice warm bed. Friday needs to come soon! I made it out the door on time this morning so that's a positive plus for today.
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We have kicked off the Halloween season with our first spooky film: Ghost Stories. Hopefully reviews to follow soon.
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NaNo Prep is still going pretty well, my notebook for this years NaNoWriMo novel is getting bigger every day. When October hits I'll probably keep going but not as hard as I have been, I don't want to burn myself out before November even gets here. October will be partly NaNo Prep, partly getting ready for Halloween and partly catching up on my horror film collection.
Join up today and start prepping for your NaNoWriMo novel!
There is still a few more days of the 'PreTember' #Instawrimo Instagram challenge, start it now to keep to occupied through October. If you would like to follow me scan the picture below or search for Cloud_Zombie.
Thank you for reading my blog!
Sorry I haven't got much to talk about today.
I hope you all have a lovely Thursday!
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