Song of The Day - Thursday - Chilly Mornings, The Search for Warmer Clothes and Plot Bunnies!

Happy Thursday!
It's super chilly again this morning, I'm going to have to bring out the fluffy cardigans for the trips to work I think. It's weird how that autumn chill starts to creep in, I suppose we are nearing the halfway mark in September now though. I think over the weekend I'm going to start getting all my warmer clothes ready for the weeks/months ahead, that way I don't have to digging into Narnia just to find a jumper. It does mean it is T-shirt, jumper and/or cardigan season for me. Usual my natural state during the warmer months is strap tops, tops that have little to no sleeves, shorts and various types of dresses. I'm going to look into getting some cute winter tights to wear with dresses and cardigans or some more thick leggings. Yes I am aware that a lot of people nodded off right then because I was talking about my wardrobe, I have to talk about clothes sometimes. Don't worry I don't have enough fashion sense to become a fashion guru.

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I kind of frazzled myself yesterday a little bit. I have been going back through the previous two novels to write now a mast plot point document, this will be a great tool for when November hits but having to make sure my plot notes are perfect made me want to go to bed. Tiredness aside I am hopefully working towards a book that will be entertaining and not predictable. Before any of that can happen I still have much research to collected, characters to build and worlds to add to. Today's challenge is to finish the master plot doc before the end of the day!
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