Song of The Day - Thursday - Thursday Thoughts, Mental Health and Finding Yourself

It's Thursday!
Yes it is Thursday and not Monday, I had a few days off last week and then I hit the return to work slump. I didn't feel like blogging a whole lot, things have been getting to me the last few days and that my friend doesn't make a interesting blog to read. To be honest though sometimes it helps to get it out. If you don't want to read about my pending mental health please check back tomorrow or maybe check out some older posts.
Thank You.
Mental health is important to take care of and if I'm hitting the lows I tend to go do something a little different and recharge myself. I do of course miss blogging when I don't do it, it's just when it comes to it my brain freezes and tells me I have nothing interesting to say. Yes sometimes that's true but some days I get excited to write and then when I get to my phone or PC it leaves me. I just sit there as my brain tells me not to bother because I'm not interesting. Sure I'm been writing, I've been writing fiction a lot but I haven't been keeping to one story because I keep getting the self-doubt creep up on me. I have several finished novels that have been half edited or not even started to be edited because I keep losing faith in myself  to even do it. A little niggle inside my head keeps telling it's not good enough so why bother.
I have a few friends and a family member that have become published authors through various means. They have become my inspiration for getting to that place. I am no different from them, I know a few of them have been through the same things and have come out on the other side or they are still fighting to keep on the level.
As I say I am trying to keep on the level and I know what the cause of my mental health is. It's one of those things where it's more of a stroke of luck. It's hard for me to explain on here due to the nature of it but it's something I am slowly working on. The slowness of this is not helping but in turn can't be helped. I think that made sense...well hopefully it did.
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Thank you for reading if you did!
Life likes to do this when you really don't want it, please bear with me.
I hope you all have a lovely Thursday!

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