Song of The Day - Friday - Podcasts, Pending Festivals and NaNoWriMo!

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Happy Friday!
It's always the short working weeks that seem to take the longest time to end, I'm not sure how that works but it that's how it is. I have made it to Friday relatively unscathed, Blake not some much. I left him at home again this morning, he didn't feel as brave about going to work today. I foresee a trip to the doctors very soon.
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Today's walking to the station listening was the Abroad in Japan podcast. I watch a YouTube channel called Abroad in Japan, it's host Chris Broad originally from the UK has a lot of things to share about his life in Japan. Check out the podcast as well as the channel if you are interested in learning about other cultures. Talking of podcasts, Episode 17 of Emotionally Fourteen's 'The Crazy Train' is up now if you'd like to listen. When I finished 'Abroad in Japan' I started on this and will probably finish in my lunch break.

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It is Faversham Hop Festival this weekend in Faversham, Kent. This is usually a cider and beer festival but it also feels a little bit of a music and food festival also. The high street of Faversham bursting with activity, all the shops have hops in their window displays and many people like to wear hop-crowns on their heads (Like myself last year). I always feel this is a lovely end of summer event, almost like a harvest festival of sorts. Hopefully Blake will be able to come to this, he is my drinking buddy and partner in crime.
If you are up for NaNoWriMo this year, why don't you sign up and add me as a Writing Buddy. I am of course under my usually name of Cloud Zombie.
Thank you all for reading my blog!
Have an awesome Friday and an epic weekend!

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