Song of The Day - Thursday - Finding My Feet Again!

Happy Thursday!
Almost the end of the week! It's pretty dull and cool this morning, hopefully it will cheer up a little. I am hoping we get some rain though, the plants look super dry. 
Another late train last night, not as late as the other week but it's becoming thing. Even though it wasn't as late as last time it kind of messes with your evening and how you like to schedule it. First world problems I know but when you commute to London time at home is precious. And trust me, I am working on this predicament so I can be closer to home and spend more time at home. I'll get there in the end. 
 It may sound silly but I'm actually proud of myself for sticking to daily my blogging, I actually feel good for doing it. I have been in such a slump that it took the joy out of something I have enjoyed for years. I think I am finally back in the game. I hope you all enjoyed my rambling film reviews yesterday, I'll try and keep it up since I have a back log to sort through. 
Thank you so much for Reading my blog, get in touch and let me know what you think. 
Have an excellent Thursday! 

Song of The Day: