Song of The Day - Thursday - Junk Journal

Happy Thursday!
It's one of those days for both Blake and I, we're both not in happy places currently and nothing can be done until we are able to find that change. We shall get there in the end but right now we need a super quiet evening with an early night.

The novel has been printed for a different angle of editing, seeing it on paper will help me with the process. I can go back to the computer as I go to change things. I foresee plenty of notes scrawled over the clean printed pages.

On another note I have been watching YouTube videos by Johanna Clough and Liz Drake on Junk Journaling. I think I've finally found a way to appease my hoarder needs without filling the house with too much crap, it also fills my need to be arty. Not that my current endeavour of casual embroidery isn't helping and going strong.
I hope you all have an excellent Thursday!
Thank you for reading my blog!

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