Song of The Day - Thursday - Happy Imbolc!

Happy Thursday!
A Very Happy 1st of The Month!
Happy Imbolc!
 Yes we have just about made it through dreaded January and hit February, hopefully things will be a litter brighter. This mornings sunshine was a nice sigh of a new month and the light slowly returning.
Last night was pretty cool, I got to use my computer for the first time since late December. Blake installed all my games ready for me and even installed my delayed Christmas present The Sims 4 Cat's and Dogs. I have been watching Deligracy and James from The Sim Supply's Let's plays on YouTube a lot. I finally got my teeth into it last night, tonight I shall be continuing with my vet clinic build.
We have just got into February so I'm going to try to be a little better with not eating so much crap. I never diet in January, why give up stuff you like during one of the most dreary, dull and most depressing months on the year. I shall soon be back on 'My Fitness Pal' for another attempt of losing some of my giant muffin top.
Watch out for my health food reviews as I try various different 'Healthy' brands. This being the first.
Have a great Thursday!
Thank you for reading my blog!
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