Song of The Day - Friday - Slightly Horrified Chickens!

Happy Friday!
Another week down!
Sorry for the radio silence yesterday, I wasn't feeling the blog yesterday morning. I'm sure you don't want to hear me whinge (more than usual) when I'm super tired. I'm happier today, I had an early night plus hot chocolate with rum in it and marshmallows on top.
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We are getting the chill back and the weather report has threated Kent with a Yellow warning for the coming week. We are supposedly supposed to have the worst snow shower in five years. I'm going to sorely disappointed if I have to go to work next week, we've had some pretty meh snow over the past few years. Anyone who has been anywhere in the south/southeast of England will know how utterly crap the snow we get. It's a little sad really.
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It's pay day today (well for Blake) and that means pay day lunch and treat day. I shall be popping into Tiger for a look at their Spring/Easter range, I would like to get some washi tape today. They also have these slightly horrified chickens that I threated to buy and put next to Blake's pillow, doesn't their look just scream: "Kill us, we shouldn't be!" or that they've had something shoved up inside of them by surprise.
If the weather is going to be as cold as it threatens to be I will quite happily stay inside this weekend and drink hot drinks. I know this won't happen though because we probably have a few errands to run. We have also been looking at a new computer chair, a few weeks ago we spotted one that was exactly the same as our original one. The one we are using at the moment was a very old one that I've had since I was in my early teen years and it wasn't new when my uncle gave it to me. I can't wait since that one it's not great for when you've been gaming for more than an hour.
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Thank you for reading my blog!
Leave a comment down below, are there any films you think I should watch or any products you'd like me to try.
Have an excellent Friday and an awesome weekend!

Song of The Day:For Blake who had it in his head.