Song of The Day - Tuesday - Train Divertions

Happy Tuesday!
Another late blog today, sorry!

I have been far too unmotivated these past few days and just wanted to wanted videos and listen to audiobooks. My train was diverted to London Victoria more than half way through the journey this morning, I was not best pleased about having to take the longer tube journey back to Cannon Street station. They didn't tell the driver about the problems until the last possible minute and boy did it piss people off.

 Tonight I get the house to myself as Blake is off recording The Crazy Train Podcast with Emotionally Fourteen. I greatly look forwards to hearing the next instalment. I want to productive this evening but it's more than likely going to end up with me watching YouTube videos and playing a PC game of some sort. I life during the week is tragically boring because of the time I gat home from London.

Song of The Day: