Cloud Zombie's Bookshelf - 2017 Dystopia Reading Challenge - The Rain (The Rain Trilogy #1) By Joseph A. Turkot

The Rain (The Rain Trilogy #1) By Joseph A. Turkot  (EBook)
When I first got a copy of this book and started to read I was a little deterred at the beginning. The Rain is quite hard to get into and I forced myself to continue because the concept of the story seemed like it should be better.
It is a little hard to get through the way it has been written and the lack of speech marks of other characters takes away some enjoyment for me. Some of the speech is told from the characters point of view and some is not but there is no differentiation between two kinds of dialogue.

After getting over all of that it was an ok read and I will probably finish the trilogy. The story has a great concept that I love always and haven't read many weather themed post apocalyptic books. I am always happy to give a book a chance and I did enjoy it.
This book could have been better with an editor, even better an editor at their side gently poking them.

Thank you for reading!