Song of The Day - Tuesday - All The Rain, Trees On The Line & Nightmere Trains

Happy Tuesday!

It has been one hell of a morning getting to work!
3 Trains, 1 Tube Train + Large amounts of rain and wind = 2 1/2 hours to get to work.
It's not the best start to the day, plus I had to buy new socks because my trainers and socks are now soaked.
The sacrifice to the Great British Weather Gods outside Lloyds of London.

The journey was helped by the addition of my early birthday present in the form of a kindle. This is an attempted to stop myself carrying so much, those who know me I do tend to get over excited on the bag front when commuting.
This little beauty is my treat for not freaking out trying to get to work. It's a Hazelnut and chocolate Cruffin.

Song of The Day: