Song of The Day - Monday - Where Is The Love?!

Morning All !
Yes it's Monday and yes I'm tired.
Blake was kind enough to drop me down at the station this morning since I took a while to get going this morning. 

My weekend was filled with housework, Gaming, watching films and attacking our triffid of a garden. Our strimer broke so we had to mow the garden while the lawnmower made some pretty grumpy noises. Tonight we shall be going to B & Q to buy a new strimer.

I couldn't sleep last night due to being a wound up about politics because of the upcoming election (I want my normal semi annoying Facebook feed back). I'm also unsettled in the fact that Wars, fighting and politics seemed to be consuming the world even more so recently. Some people seem to think other people's lives are just a game to play with, especially childrens lives.
When will this madness stop?!
Song of The Day: