Song of The Day - Friday - Rejoice, It's Friday!

Happy Friday!
Another late blog today, I have been quite a sleepy duck on the train the past week but I was determined to post today. We were a little late leaving this morning due to wanting to stay in bed. I made it to the station on time and even got a double seat to myself, I love having a window seat on the train. It's always nice to watch the world go by.

Last night we visited a cousin of Blake's as it was a their birthday a few weeks ago and we hadn't been able to catch up with them. It was a nice little visit followed by a late dinner when we got home with a beer for good measure.  I was particularly sleepy yesterday before I went to bed and I wanted to stay in bed when the alarm let me know it was the morning.

This weekend will be home to housework and attacking the triffid we call a garden before it takes over the world and the neighbour complains...again. Hopefully there will be a few video games involved as well since it's a weekend with no adventures planned.

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