Song of The Day - Wednesday - Super Tired Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!
It's beautifully sunny this morning, hopefully it will wake me up today. 

I was clever and went to bed late after spending the whole day tired and now this clever person gets to be extra sleepy today. My brain stopped working after a certain point yesterday, I was chatting some absolute bullocks. 

The screenshot above is of the book/audiobook I am currently listening to. If you haven't yet heard of Seanan McGuire you haven't been reading my blog long because she is my favourite author. This series deals with fairy tale narratives, murders and an FBI style agency. Check it out! 

Plans for tonight will be to do a little tidying and try to have an early night because I need to sleep! 
Thank you for reading my blog!! 
I hope that you all have a lovely Wednesday!! 
Song of The Day: