Song of The Day - Monday - Another Monday, Another Working Week

Morning All!
It's Monday again....Boooo!

We've had a super relaxed weekend, there was much wine and food involved, plus computer games.
Saturday was quite a day, we were going to have the virgin workman over between 1 and 6pm. He decided to arrive at 10 while I was in the shower, Blake came in warning me not to come out without a towel. Fun Times! We changed from sky Internet,  phone and TV to virgin Internet, phone and TV. We had sky but hardly watched it and it wasn't worth spending all that money on something we weren't using. We mostly use streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube... 

Blake was out with work friends, in the late afternoon and late. I spent the evening playing games and watching films. I watched Gone in Sixty Seconds, Aeon Flux and Bring It On. 
Sunday we begrudgingly went food shopping and then had a film afternoon we watched Volcano and the new BFG film.

Thank you for reading my blog!! 
I hope that Monday treats you well!! 
Song of The Day: