Song of The Day - Monday - Spiral Staircase Fear Fails

Morning All!
I have had one of those weekends and I am writing from my home computer today. 

Well it's defiantly been one of those weekends. 
Friday evening started off fairly normally with a Kaiju Film Night, it went pretty well and we watched some fun films.

 It was a pretty late night and we were up extra early the next morning because we were going to view a wedding venue. We drove down to Tonbridge Wells to go see the venue and all was well until we got to the two spiral staircases I had to climb. One was sort of a tree house look out where your wedding guests could hang out if they wanted to, the other was the bridal suit (I know a bridal suit in a tree house!). Well when we got to the first one I looked at it and thought 'Shit! It's a spiral Staircase, what should I do?!'. Well of course I bit the bullet and discovered that the steps in question were so large that it was hard for my tiny hobbit legs to get up and the fact that I was scared out of my mind. 

The second set of spiral stairs belonged to the bridal suit but at this point I was trying to regain my composure. This set of spiral stairs did not have the rope that was usually there due to repairs and there for not having a hand rail, there was also huge gaps in the overly large steps themselves. At this point I had to stop myself from panicking when I got halfway up because I would still be clinging to the stairs as I cried. These steps were so large I basically had to climb on my hands and knees to the top. The bridal suit itself has very fairy tale and I loved it but I had to face facts that I would not be able to do this on my wedding day. I was so terrified on the way down that it took me over five minutes to get down the stairs and my legs felt like jelly once I got back onto the ground.

Another bad part about it was that I still had to view the rest of the venue before I could leave because we drove all that way to come view it. I cried in the car on the way home because this was a venue I had had my eye on for a long time. My legs also felt really tense all day after that and a little sore. I paid no attention and we went out to a local beer and cider festival. Where Blake tried green ale, yes Green Ale!
The festival included live music and entertainment, one of the acts included a Steampunk Morris Dancing Troop ( I know how this sounds). 

That evening I get home and begin to feel a little sore and when I wake up on Sunday I can barely walk let alone get down the fairly normal stairs in my own home. I I think I have strained a muscle of some kind because I tensed up because I was so scared of the spiral staircase.
I am not any better today so I have opted to spending the day with my leg up and hoping it will ease up by tomorrow.
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