Song of The Day - Monday - Monday Already?!

Morning All!

The weekend always ends when you need it to stay the most. I'm super tired after a super fun filled weekend.

 It was my mum's birthday weekend and we had two meals over the weekend in celebration for mum's birthday. We went to a Turkish restaurant on Saturday evening and I had a very nice moussaka with baklava for dessert. 

When I got home I caught up with The Eurovision Song Contest, I was able to catch the points giving live on YouTube and drink an extra bottle of wine. I did get a little carried away. We came 15th with 111 points, pretty good going for the UK at eurovision and the fact that we have been doing a good job at pissing off Europe at the moment. 

I spent most of the late/early hours paying for my sins of drinking an extra bottle of wine. I managed to get myself back to feeling remotely human. That afternoon we went to see my Mum and give her presents for her birthday, then it was off to a pub lunch. It was a very nice lunch and it was beautifully sunny outside. We discovered that the pub had animals in the garden, they had goats, a pig, chickens and rabbits. They had baby rabbits as well and they were so cute and tiny. 

That evening we went up to Canterbury for a show we had dinner at a nice restaurant (yes we basically had two dinners that day). Then it was time to watch Stewart Lee at the Marlow Theatre. He was amazingly excellent and laughed so much I was almost crying, my cheek muscles were sore at the end of the show. 

Tonight after work I am going to see Alien Covenant, I'm really looking forward to it and hopefully it's going to be good because I've heard a lot of good things about it.
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