Top Ten Tuesday - My Top Ten Video Game Heroines

My Top Ten Video Game Heroines

1) Aloy - Horizon Zero Dawn
Aloy is supremely awesome, she is a fantastic female lead character that shows everyone how it is done.

2) Elena Fisher - Uncharted series
Elena knows who she is and can hold her own in a fight if needed.

3) Faith Conners - Mirrors Edge
Faith is a free running bad arse that will not let anyone get in her way to the truth. 

4) Nariko - Heavenly Sword
Nariko knows what it is to hold great power and to weld it.

Alyx is part of the human resistance against the Combine and this has pretty much run her life making her a strong person.

6) Fiona - Tales From the Borderlands

Fiona is a professional con artist, this is what has kept her sister and herself alive. She is not a person to mess with, especially if something valuable is involved.

7) Chell - Portal series

Chell is a test subject of Aperture, she is somewhat of a mystery but she certainly is hard to kill. 

8) Rochelle - Left 4 Dead

Rochelle was a news reporter before the world went to shit zombie style, she is forced to fight in order to keep herself alive. It turns out she is a bad arse.

9) Delilah - Firewatch
Sassy and sarcastic, Delilah from Firewatch is a character that you can never quite get enough of. All this and you don't actually see her face.

10) Ellie - Last of Us
Ellie is a young teen in a world that really doesn't give you time to live your life to the fullest. Ellie has grown up pretty fast and you wouldn't want to mess with her in a dark ally.
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