Song of The Day - Monday - Sunshine Monday

Morning All! 
It's Monday again but this morning the sunshine has come to get us through the day. 

I have had a really nice weekend despite being ill for most of it. Friday evening I stayed home and had the house to myself, I have had a cold for most of the week and didn't want to give it to my very young niece. I stayed home and played The Sims 3 while my cats sat near me keeping an eye on me.

Saturday I was feeling extra crappy so we spent the day playing Horizon Zero Dawn, watching The Shannara Chronicles and catching a little Attack on Titan. I had the house to myself again that evening because I wasn't feeling well enough to go out, sadly I did miss bad movie night. I spent the evening playing RimWorld.

Sunday we had a layin which was nice despite the crying from Leia and Jiji from outside the bedroom door, they don't like it when we talk in bed because they think they are missing something. Blake took me shopping to cheer me up a bit, we went to Bluewater shopping centre as our retail choice and had lunch at Ed's Diner.
That evening we played some more Horizon Zero Dawn and had sandwiches for dinner after our huge lunch.

Song of The Day: