Cloud Zombie's Bookshelf - 2017 Dystopia Challenge - Devoured (The Hunger #1) Jason Brant

Devoured (The Hunger #1) Jason Brant (EBook)
This is a surprising little gem of a read, I really was surprised by how fun it was. I understand the girl on the front cover is the same as the girl on Chrissy Peebles books but I a assume she is a favourite to use, anyway we are not here to judge the book by the cover.

Lance as a character is pretty relatable because quite a lot of people have been through depression, breakups, divorce and unemployment. He really isn't in the best of positions to start off with and then forced to face vampirism fuelled mutations with nothing more than a shotgun and an army knife. I like how he tries to make the best of a bad situation despite what has happened to him and what is happening.

I know the survival story has been done many times but I find this to be a little different, the infected are more like mutated vampires. This gives it a 'Last Man on Earth' / 'I Am Legend' vibe to it but with more survivors. I love post apocalyptic zombie novels but this is refreshing to have another type of infected person/danger that is that much harder to get away from. 

Thank you for reading!