Song of The Day - Wednesday - Please Don't Give Him The Codes!!!

Happy Wednesday!
Well kind of........
Please Don't Give Him The Codes!!

It's pissing down in Kent this morning and nothing has gone right since I have got out of bed today. We were going to drive down this morning because it was soo bloody wet, I forgot my phone and because of that Blake couldn't get a parking space. My train was cancelled as well this morning and I have now got to go to London Victoria and travel back to Cannon Street on the tube. I hate the tube and it's probably going to be really busy. 

Last nights train journey had me sitting next to a lady who I thought was a little strange. She kept washing her hands, face and neck over and over again with a bottle of water. She disappears for 10 minutes and come back and continues doing the washing thing until she turns to me and tells me that she feels faint. I then notice how pale she was and get her to take her coat and scarf off and sit back, she breaths in and out trying to calm herself and the colour starts to come back into her cheeks. It turns out she had been popping stepsels like they were tunes or lockets and had taken half of the pack. As soon as we get to her station I instruct her to either call Medoc or go to Accident and Emergency. I hope that she did seek some medical help.

When I got home I was feeling emotionally drained and remembered I had been promised that we could watch the new Ghostbusters, this helped me wind down considerably.

Song of The Day:

Thank you for reading my blog!
I hope you have a great Wednesday!