Song of The Day - Monday - Chilly Monday Morning

Morning All!!!
It's a very chilly Monday morning and I am very thankful to be on the warm train. 

I've had a super busy weekend this weekend. Most of Saturday was spent blitzing the house, it really needed a proper deep clean and we had people coming over that weekend so it gave us the kick we needed. 

That evening we went to a local Fireworks display with a group of friends, the evening was a lot colder than I thought it was and I was glad I grabbed my giant scarf before leaving. Once the fireworks were over we ventured back to our house to warm up. We had sausage rolls, cheese and onion rolls and lots of treats. It later evolved into a very intense match of 'Overcooked', there was a lot of shouting and threats. It was a fun evening! 

Sunday Blake, our friend Rob from Emotionally Fourteen and I ventured up to London for a Games market. We drove past where I work and it felt really odd to be in a car because I'm really used to being in a car around there. The market had a lot of retro gaming stuff, the market was split into two halls. The first hall was video games and video game themed things. The second hall was filled with boardgames, RPG books, card games like Pokemon and Magic The Gathering, HeroKlix or games like it and the random themed things like memorabilia and themed things.  We all left with a pretty good haul and I would probably go up again. I'll try and do a photo post of my time there at some point this week.
Song of The Day:

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Have a great Monday!