Song of The Day - Friday - FriYay!!

Happy Friday Everyone!
It has been a long few days back at work and I am looking forward to the weekend now. 

Last night gave way to ordering pizza for dinner because I had miscalculated what we had to eat until the shopping delivered later that evening. Ironically the shopping was delivered before the pizza and we still had to wait for the pizza because it was now to late to cook anything. 

This weekend is the 5th of November and that means fireworks and celebrations of stopping a plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament a very long time ago. Blake, some friends and I are going to watch the local Fireworks display that has been put on by the local council. I feel these displays are better because people are less likely to get hurt by misplaced fireworks or the fireworks being blown over and begin shooting them at the watching children, good times.

After the fireworks we will go back to our house and we'll probably have snacks and maybe play some games or watch bad movies or maybe we'll have music and talk. The possibilities are endless!

I should hopefully be hitting 10,000 words today for Nanowrimo, I have been dreaming of my story again and I am egger to get back into that world. 

Song of The Day:
School Of Rock -Zach's Song

Thank you for reading my blog!
I hope you have an awesome Friday and an Epic Weekend!!!