Thursday Thoughts

Welcome to Thursday Thoughts, this is the place you get my stream of consciousness, semi serious musings and general word vomit. Today you get the addition of me being tired and on cold and flu medicine, YAY!
This afternoons tweet:
"When you get half way through the day and you realise that the blood of your enemies is not going to be enough to satisfy your need for bed"

There are two kinds of people in this world, those who know how to make a proper cup of tea and those who suffer from 1st degree burns (unless they put the milk in first).

The dilemma of someone who works to live:
Has to work so they can pay the bills and fund their life outside of work but would rather stay home and write a novel, read a book, watch TV/films and play video games.

Lyrics that don't make sense:
"Tonight there's been a jail break somewhere in this town"............ just putting it out there but maybe you should try the jail?

Thank you for reading!
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