Song of The Day - Wednesday - Halloween Costumes, Taxi Drivers and Films

Happy Wednesday!
It's cold and I have developed a cold, Boooo!! 

Last night I pulled the short straw with taxi drivers. I told him where I wanted to go and he proceeded to go the total wrong direction. When I told him that I say that road he was like "oh crap, you did say that didn't you" and stopped the fare counter, that would have got expensive. At least I didn't piss people off at the taxi rank this time because they don't know how to queue properly. To me it's logical to queue down the rank so every time a cab pulls in they get one, you would think that but people of Gillingham are special and don't think like that. Instead they queue the other way and confuse the hell out of the people who know how to use a taxi rank.

When I finally got in I put my dinner on to cook because at this point I was quite Hangry. Jiji and Leia proceeded to yowl at me for 10 minutes and then at the bedroom door because they thought Blake was in there. How do you explain to a cat that the person their yowling for has gone out? I'll tell you, very badly resulting in my telling them to be quiet because it was getting annoying. 

I started work on my costume, it involves a lot of embroidery thread, fun looking wool and sewing. My film of choice was The Martian while I started this process, I stopped for dinner and to distract the cats with string. I have a long way to go on this costume.

It's The Great British Bake Off tonight and I have a treat waiting for me when I get home!!
Song of The Day:
Everybody (Backstreet's Back) - Backstreet Boys

Thank you for reading my blog!!
I Hope you all have a great Wednesday!