Song of The Day - Wednesday - Boxes For Ji, Save All Your Boxes For Ji

Happy Wednesday!
We have made it to the middle of the week once again, today will hopefully be a great day.

We had a few deliverys yesterday, I bought some new cardigans for work because it starting to get chilly, a birthday present and some chalk pens. The chalk pens are for a Halloween window display I am planning for this year. I tested them out on the front door window and Jiji (one of my cats) got really excited about the pictures I was drawing and began pawing at it and yowling happily about it. She wasn't too happy at the fact that I cleaned it off after and cried at the window for a few minutes.

She also claimed the box the deliverys came in even when the packing paper was still inside it, see my Instagram for pictures because everyone loves a cat picture.

My first review goes up today for The October Horror Movie Challenge, it should he up around 2pm-ish. Today is: Detention of The dead. 

Song of The Day:
Devil Is A Loser - Lordi
Thank you for reading my blog!
I hope you all have a fantastic day!