Song of The Day - Tuesday - 3 Days Left

Happy Tuesday!
I am awake this is the best I can do this morning. 

Last night we celebrated the prebirthday of my brother in law. We watched Star Wars: A New Hope because that is what my mother in law kind of crossed her legs so she could watch it, A New Hope was being played on TV for the first time since it's cinema release and she didn't want to miss it. This is incredibly geeky and it is the best story of birth ever! 

We ate pizza, drank fizzy pop and ate sweets while watching the film. I did get to bed quite late after that, we had to find a parking space in my area which is fun to do at 11 at night. We live near the hospital so the parking is permitted and a pain in the arse to find a space after it gets dark. We ended up parking about a 10 minute walk away in the end. 

Now let's get through this working day!
Song of The Day:
The Call of Ktulu - Metallica

Thank you for reading my blog!
I hope that you all have an excellent Tuesday!