Song of The Day - Tuesday - Back On Track

Good Morning All!
I'm doing a little better today, we did leave late and had to speed walk but I got there and my train was a little delayed. 

Yesterday got even better for me as you can imagine. My train was late arriving to London Victoria, I then proceeded to get stuck on the tube because of signal failures and I couldn't even call my boss. This left me 15 minutes late to work, which is quite good going after going through all that and managed to have an ok day at work. That evening my 18:12 train from London Cannon Street was cancelled and I had to wait for 18:44. I had pizza and ice cream for dinner. 

I did watch some YouTube videos in the form of PlayStation Access, ThreadBanger, Grace Helbig (It's Grace!) and Yogscast. I also got a few in on the train home, it cheered me up.

Tonight I will have an early night, iron the work clothes before bed and try and get some proper sleep. Today I am feeling a little bit dehydrated so it is now my mission to drink lots of water until I feel better. 
Song of The Day:

Thanks for reading my blog, I hope that you have an excellent Tuesday!