Song of The Day - Thursday - Snory Snirington The Giant Kodiak Bear Strikes again!

Happy Thursday!
I'm super tired this morning, the other half turned into his Giant Kodiak Bear form and snored so loud for over an hour that I didn't get to sleep till late.
This is Blake as a Giant Kodiak Bear.
On The Upside I get to watch Bake off of the train because I had time to download it last night off BBC IPlayer ready for today. We were out last night and I didn't get to watch the sacred Bake Off. 

It's extra chilly today on the walk down to the station today, I'm starting to wish I had bought my rain coat with me or my Back To The Future jersey jacket. Tomorrow I will take it with me so I don't get cold.

Tomorrow Blake and I also celebrate our 11 year anniversary, we have been together 11 years and I have no idea where the time has gone. We are going bubbly shopping tonight after work, we plan to drink it tomorrow night after we had a meal out. I am also opted for an earlier shift tomorrow so I can get home earlier and actually spend some time together on our annual. I did try to get the day off work but it wasn't to be sadly.

Song of The Day:
Red Right Hand - Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

My Partner Loves Nick Cave/ Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, so I chose this fro him. It is also in the Scream films.

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you have a great Thursday!