Song of The Day - Monday - Down With This Sort of Thing

Morning All!
Another Monday is apon us and I'm sure we will make it through. 

I have spent most of the weekend feeling sorry for myself because I have had a annoying cold. I only went out to visit my mum and sister, do a little shopping and to get food for dinner. 

We played and finished 'Everybody's Gone to The Rapture' together, it's not a horror really it's more of a drama with thriller elements to it. This game will give you a light chill and keep you thinking about it for a while, the soundtrack also helps build the story. It kind of reminded me of the sad bits you come across in the Fallout and Else Scrolls games.

I also got in a fair few hours of RimWorld, this time I tried a few Mods and I find it had made the game that much more fun for me. Check it out if you haven't. 
Song of The Day:
Silent Hill Movie - Alessa's Harmony

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I Hope you all have a great Monday!