Song of The Day - Monday - Monday Morning Horrors, Rants and Other Miss/Adventures

Morning All!
What a crappy day I'm having and it hasn't even really began.

 I woke up early/on time and everything was going fine. Then I go to get the iron to iron work clothes and I pull a bottle down off the side, it smashes, I freak out, Blake freaks out and I realised that I was now probably going to be late for work. 

I should have put that bottle away after I had got what I wanted out of the cupboard but I didn't and now I am faced with a madeira wine coloured and very sticky floor. After that initial freak out I ironed the work clothes, Blake had ushered me away from the glass (like he could be trusted either with his track record). He had done his best while I was ironing and I will have to vacuum and mop the floor this evening when I get home.

Blake was kind enough to drive me down to the station because I was too late to walk and then I realised I had not bought my new Monthly train ticket. My train was delayed and I would have been able to catch it if it wasn't for buying the ticket. I am now on a train to London Victoria that should get there at 9:38 hoping that the trip on the tube won't take too long and make me late after all. 

We have descended into October and that means we are in the month of Spooky/spoopy. I have spent the weekend planning for October, Halloween and various other Halloween themed things. I also spent Sunday trying to get rid of a sinus migraine while laying in bed and listening to Bridesmaids in the background.
Song of The Day:
Thank you for reading my blog and I hope that you have a great Monday!