Costumes, Displays and Parties

It's October and we have two weeks before Halloween is upon us, we also have under two weeks if we are going to parties and other Halloween themed outings.

I have two weeks to finish my costume, my costume that I have half started and will need to go to the fabric shop come payday for extras to add to my costume. I have also planned a front window and front garden display for Halloween, this years theme is pumpkin patch and I have all the pumpkin themed things imaginable.

I purchased some chalk pens this year to help with my window display, I am a little nervous about using them but they will give that little extra to what I am planning in my head. Jiji my cat also approves of the window drawings, she sits and stares at them while yowling happily to herself. Jiji is a strange cat.

I am going to a Halloween party the Saturday before Halloween, since it is fireworks night the weekend after and we should be  hosting an after party with food and pleasantries. I have a busy few weeks ahead. I have Friday 28th off and I also have Monday 31st as well as 1st November so I can enjoy Halloween.

I make the display for myself and the kids in the neighbourhood kids to enjoy, Halloween is one of my favourite dates and this year I get to enjoy spooky day and the kids having fun in their costumes. I miss being a child trick or treating with a large group, when I lived in Chattenden, Kent a lot of the neighbours dressed up and decorated their from gardens. Once year a couple had a huge cauldron in the garden that had dry ice smoke coming out of it with green lighting effects, she was dressed as a witch and he was some sort of monster.

Being home I also get to see the little ones that come earlier in the evening dressed in their costumes that were made for them by their parents, I think my giant spider last year scared some of them and I had to go out to the gate to give them their sweets. The parents like the fact they you get in the Halloween mood and it just makes it more fun.

I have been thinking of doing some Halloween baking for the party and work but I am not entirely set on that since I have given myself a lot to do in the run up to Halloween.

Since I also have the day after Halloween off it doesn't matter if I stay up late watching horror films, playing horror film drinking games and eating the leftover sweets (if there are any).
Thank you for reading!