The October Horror Movie Challenge

October is just around the corner and this year instead of attempting and failing miserably at the 31 days of Halloween challenge I am going to create my own challenge.

The Rules:
1) You cannot watch any horror films you have seen before.
2) You lose points if you watch something you have seen before (certain circumstances are acceptable - viewing a film you have been invited to watch as a social occasion).
3) You have to watch the whole film or it doesn't count, get that cushion ready to hide behind if you need to.
4) You have to review each film giving an honest answer about what you thought. You can rate them anyway you want, if your blog/site/social media has its own rating system feel free to use it.

Point System:
You get a point for each film you watch that you haven't seen before and lose them if you watch one you have.
1 Film = 1 Point

You receive a different plus points for watching certain horror genres and subgenres of horror. These points were randomised:

Zombie = 5
Monster = 4
Torture = 2

Comedy = 2
Sci-Fi = 5
Gothic =6
Romance = 2
Action = 3
Body = 4
      Psychological = 6
Slasher = 1

Ghosts = 3

Try to watch as many horror films as possible to add to your final score.
If you liked the challenge and decided to have a go please let me know what your score was.
Thank you for reading!