Song of The Day - Wednesday - All The Heat!!!

Happy Wednesday!
Wow the last couple of days have been hot! My bedroom last night was like a sauna even with the fan on full. I do not think that I slept well but it's Hump Day and there is only two days left of this week once I get through this one. 

It is also Bake Off tonight and it will probably be a little solemn on social media tonight due to the news that the BBC has lost the rights to the show. Also the fact Mel and Sue have quit from the series, so the next series where ever it may be will have new hosts and of course we are a little scared of what channel 4 will choose. To cheer myself up I'm going to buy doughnuts to eat while watching tonight.

Last night I had the house to myself so it called for being trouserless with a vest top while sitting in front of the fan. I also got in a little Cities: Skylines since I had not played it for a while. 

Song of The Day:
Thank you for reading my blog, it means a lot to me! I hope that you have an excellent Wednesday!!