Song of The Day - Tuesday - Dull Days Are Coming......

Happy Tuesday!
This morning is so grey and dull, I hope the sun bursts through the clouds later today to give us some light. 

I have a week packed full of content for you to read on the blog this week. I have been writing recently and I got a burst of ideas for the blog and had a bit of an idea frenzy. 

I also have a Halloween/October film challenge, it's something I whipped up because I really want to discover new horror films. I tend to watch the same old films during October and I thought this would give me an excuse to find new films I may like. 

I also have some small articles and all the usual posts ready and waiting to go. Last week I had a bit of a flat period where I was writing more personal stuff and didn't really get time to write content for the blog but now I am up to date. 

Song of The Day:
Thank you for reading my blog and I hope that you all have an excellent Tuesday!